Note on “Parts”

The reader may notice that I have become rather disorganized in the order in which I am creating and expanding topics. This is in line with the nature of my desire for the use of this “blog” (a term I dislike using to describe this space). Thought Laboratory is meant to be primarily a storage location for my ideas. The fact that others can read and comment on these ideas is merely a bonus (one that I am guessing is not very often being exercised).

When I mark a topic as “Part I” etc, this is an indication to myself that the topic is incomplete. In some cases, I merely ran out of time or energy to complete an existing thought. In other cases, I recognize the topic as incompletely formed, and yet I have not yet thought through the additional components of the topic that I wish to visit. The patient reader may or may not find additional parts forthcoming.

One general comment, which I might try to add to the banner of the site: Unlike “blogs” (ugh), this collection is not meant to be read in any particular order, nor is the content meant to be “timely”, but quite the opposite – “timeless”. The organization of the material itself is indeed an example of my most recent post on the problem of organizing information (Quest for a Thinking Assistant: Part I). This archive is clearly not the best solution, but at least allows a persistent storage location for my thoughts as they occur.

I’ll try to examine the features of this environment (e.g. keywords and categories) to see if these can be of use in at least coarsely structuring the material for the reader.

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2 thoughts on “Note on “Parts”

  1. wz


    Just so you know, I check for new postings weekly.

    An over-riding rule for “blogs” seems to be, “Stay on topic.” If I ever start adding comments, do you want that rule to hold, or do you allow generality of topic? I’m thinking of your struggles documented in the previous post. Generality of topic will certainly discombobulate attempts at organization, but on the other hand, it might promote a livelier response.

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  2. aturner

    Bill (and others): Given the very low rate of comments (as in I’ve only approved I think perhaps 6 in the whole 18 months of activity), I think it is safe to not worry much about comments causing complication of the organization of these topics. You are free to comment on any topic, expand or generalize as you wish. If I think the comment should be filed elsewhere, or attached to a different post, I can and will re-file the comment.

    Two things I’ll never do with a comment:

    1) Edit the original. Even if you have spelling and grammar problems in your comment, I’ll not correct them (though I may ask you to correct them before approving the comment for viewing).

    2) Approve a comment which I find offensive, irrational, or completely devoid of meaningful content. I will post comments with which I have disagreement, but they need to have been thoughtfully prepared.

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