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I think thismay a good point to remind the reader of the purpose of this Blog, particularly since I have attracted some traffic other than my close friends and acquaintences. I use these pages to explore my thoughts on a variety of subjects. Up to this point, this has consisted mostly of commentary on other reading, or of history. In a sense, this replaces a journal I have kept for several years – the advantage here is the ease of typing over writing, and the ubiquitous availability.

What this body of material does not represent – necessarily – are finalized conclusions stated in a publication format. Most of what I have written here I have not seen a need to correct, but as these posts are written with very little editing, some of the discussion is poorly framed or otherwise awkward. The eventual goal is to later review the posts and extract material to form essays on particular topics of interest.

As I move into the next phase of posts, several of whichIhope will focus on the philosophy of Mathematics,I will include some original content, and I want to clearly indicate these caveats:

  • The ideas presented will be a product of my own thinking, but mixed with, and at times dependent upon, the thoughts and writings of others. I do not promise to fully cite each reference I am using, though some attempt to indicate the source of major ideas (where I remember the source) will be made.
  • When I contradict myself (in the process of developing this body of thought, this may be inevitable), I will call out the contradiction. If I do not, and you the reader find a contradiction, I will appreciate a comment to that effect.
  • I will nominally try to present this material in a logical sequence, although most likely mixed with other topics; however it is very likely that in the first attempt the presentation will not be linear.

Ok, with that out of the way, lets get on with the fun.

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