Blog Technical Issue: Ordering of Pages

Having some difficulty in establishing the order of pages appearing at the same level in the hierarchy. This is annoying in the meeting notes, as I cannot maintain proper chronological order (putting April after March, for example) without relying on some bizarre titling notation.

Anyone have a clue how to fix this?

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2 thoughts on “Blog Technical Issue: Ordering of Pages

  1. Prodos

    Hmm … it should be very straightforward to control the order of pages and sub-pages by altering what’s in the “page order” field.

    But I’ve just tested this on my test site and can’t seem to make it work. I’ll look into it further this afternoon (Melbourne time) and get back to you. 🙂

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  2. Prodos


    I’ve done some more tests and tried some different solutions but to no avail.

    It SHOULD be very easy to re-order pages and sub-pages by going to:

    Manage >> Pages >> (Page management) >> Edit >> (Page Options) >> Page Order

    But there’s obviously a bug in the script.

    No matter what Page Order numbering I specify I seem to keep getting pages and sub-pages listing in alphabetical order.

    I’ll keep working on this issue.

    Also, I’ll be looking at upgrading all THINKER TO THINKER blogs in the next couple of weeks. Maybe this will fix the problem.


    At Your Service,


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