A Ramble for Stress Relief

About two weeks have slipped by without comment. The main reason is work mania. I’m currently in a three-ring circus involving three separate contracts, not to mention my nominal position as Mr Process Improvement. Travel is a new phenomenon for me – after a couple years of no travel, I’ve been on four overnight trips in the past four months, and – including a trip to Minneapolis tomorrow – I’m about to complete three trips in the span of three weeks. Overtime is now a matter of habit, and that leaves little energy for anything else. The main ring is a nightmarish contract, involving close dealings with our Coating department (from whence I emerged some 15 years ago). This department has degraded to the point of intellectual extinction, and it is both deeply saddening and madly frustrating to daily observe the results of years of neglect.

I have been reading, nonetheless. I completed the Objectivist Newsletter bound set (1962-1965), and am now reading the Objectivist “magazine” bound set. This being a bit dry night after night, I’ve added “light” reading in the form of Henry Kissinger’s autobiography of his years in Washington (only about 2500 pages in two volumes). Although I am trying to suspend judgement as long as possible, I haven’t seen much yet to make me a fan of Dr. Kissinger.

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