I listened yesterday to the Audible program “Library of Congress Series on Digital Future: Lecture 2”, given by Brewster Kahle. This was a talk promoting the idea of making all of the contents of the Library of Congress available to the world through digitization. As a “starter project” of sorts, the author referred to, which is an amazing treasure trove of material, including text, audio and video – all freely available.

My favorite section at the moment is the presidential recordings, which include a moderate set of audio files, mostly speeches, but also secret tapes of the Oval Office (not Nixon’s, however). Last night I listened to a conversation between JFK and MacArthur – quite interesting, somewhat surprising that MacArthur appeared to be generally Democratic, at least in that conversation. MacArthur was clearly indicating that the US needed to regain the initiative in the Cold War; Kennedy was giving excuses for why some of what the General proposed had been rejected.

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