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Appearance of the Blog

If you’ve looked at this blog recently, you’ve noticed that there have been some changes in appearance (and maybe you’ve noticed changes in performance).  The sponsor of the ThinkerToThinker blog system, Prodos [that’s a guy’s name, for those outside the Objectivist world, and a powerful force of benevolence] decided some time ago to update the blog engine used on this site.  His efforts have now come to fruition, though not without some growing pains.  One of the more noticeable, though really minor, effects has been the loss of the appearance that Thought Laboratory was previously using.  This appearance, or “theme” is currently the default for the Prodos system.  In time, Prodos has promised that several dozen new themes will be available from which we authors can choose, and when I see something I like better than this default, I’ll change this appearance.

Many of the other changes, like moving to a new – faster – server have been well worth the frustrations.  He has also added the ability to put media within the blog entries.  However, given the nature of the content on Thought Laboratory, I doubt I will be making much use of that ability.

In case you are browsing this, Prodos, the first set of themes you’ve added are somewhat faulty.  If you have a full page of posts, about two or three screens down you will see that the border on the left edge of the posts moves inside the post text.  Looks rather awful.  This default theme doesn’t suffer from this problem.

I will take this opportunity to thank Prodos for all of the effort (and rampant enthusiasm) that he has put into the ThinkerToThinker network.  Although there are many places I could have chosen to host my blog, there is no other place where I can be in the company of so many other like-minded individuals.

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