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What Happened

Its been a while. My last actual post was in August, though (as you’ll see shortly), I did have another post partially written in October that I never actually finished. Although I doubt there is a large readership out there wondering what happened, I at least want to record – if only for myself – what has stopped the flow of writing.

In mid-September, my role as manager of the Coating engineering department at Goodrich came to an uneasy end. The initial reorganization of that department into separate Engineering and Operations departments, and their separation over directorates, had been a matter of contention within the upper management of the Company. I myself had never assumed that my position as Coating Engineering Manager would last more thana few years – long enough to change the direction of the department’s technical staff, and raise a successor. This plan was interrupted- permanently – by mounting pressures and insecurities within the senior management team, which lead to a complete reversal of the original reorganization.

What followed was a month or two of re-inventing my role at Goodrich, turning back to my engineering career, and expanding in new directions. In this I have succeeded, and I have emerged onto a new path of exciting activity, finally engaging some technical interests of mine that I’ve been trying to bring to bear within Goodrich for the past 20 years.

This settled down just in time for a much more significant life event – the birth of my son Aaron, on December 13th. Aaron has a great disposition, as have all of my children, but the first months of life certainly require a re-adjustment of life style. Any available excess energy is needed just to support the proper functioning of the home, and writing comes rather far down on the list of priorities.

And then, along came this little surprise. A hernia that had been “repaired” back in 1999 apparently recurred within a year of that operation. At a physical late last month, my general physician went into a bit of a panic when she noticed the lump in my stomach. Now this lump has been there for the past 8 years, and I had dismissed it as scar tissue from the surgery – certainly this physician had seen the lump at least 8 times in the past. Nonetheless, off I went to the surgeon (same as in 1999), and he confirmed that the hernia had recurred. And so, this Monday (March 10th), it was repaired for a second time.

The result is that I’ve been confined to bed since then. And yesterday, I learned that the surgical site is infected, which means I’ll remain in bed for the next several days. And that gives me an opportunity to catch up a bit on both reading, and writing.

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