Monthly Archives: December 2005

Outline of Topics

Topics which I hope I’ll discuss:

1) Sovereignty – definition, distinguish legal from natural, discuss US Constitution and locii of sovereignty, idealized Constitution, natural sovereignty and its derivative responsibilities

2) Privacy “rights”

3) The organization of the Mind – the mechanisms of consciousness, “subconsciousness”, and the locus of free will

4) Memory – “real” and imagined

5) Direct perception of causality

6) Market stability and its relation to a floating dollar

7) Digital Physics (Ed Fredkin / Steve Wolfram)

8) Fundamental Axioms of Objectivism, and their interrelations

9) Artificial Intelligence – Consciousness? Free Will?

10) Development of Children vs their Rights

11) Howard Roark and John Galt – two aspects of living Objectivism

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Introduction and Explanation

I consider myself an Objectivist in training. I’ve been actively studying and “living” Objectivism for the past 8 years, with more sporadic reading and study stretching back over about 20 years. My wife and I run a small discussion group which has met weekly for at least 5 years now, with a variable membership. Our discussions are centered on technical issues, though we have certainly spent plenty of time entertaining ourselves in non-technical conversation, movie nights, and the like.

By profession, I am an optical engineer, working for a company which manufactures optical systems mostly for the US military. My specialty is mathematical algorithm and software development, though the scope of what I’ve done for the Company far exceeds this description.

So much for the introduction. Now, to explain this Blog.

Throughout my life I’ve considered myself a “thinker”, and yet I’ve done very little to document my thoughts. I have kept paper and pen journals, but I find this to be slightly daunting. Despite the convenience of creating a tangible “book” in which all thoughts are to be recorded, the inflexibility and relative permanence of paper and pen, as well as the issue of efficiency vrs legibility, create a desire to lay down thoughts in the journal only in final form. I have found, however, that without recording thoughts in raw form, final form is elusive.

This blog is an attempt at using a different medium for building a body of recorded thought. Advantages include universality of access, so that I can record thoughts as they occur, regardless of my physical location; infinite ability to edit and re-edit; efficiency of typing vrs handwriting; and trivial ability to share the content with others. The only perceived disadvantages are the question of permanence, the ability to transfer information back to different media, and the danger of letting the casual nature of the medium infect the writing style.

What you will not expect to find here are completed thoughts. As the title indicates, this is a “laboratory” – I will be experimenting with ideas, they will likely be in raw form, and (unless I indicate otherwise) I may not be committed to the opinions I express. Like a real-life basement laboratory, you may find it to be a mess and apparently disorganized. The hope is that I will find it useful.

Nonetheless, if you have found your way here, feel free to read the content and comment. Can’t say I’ll respond to comments I don’t care for, but that is a risk you’ll need to take.

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